How to make a homecoming mum backer? (2023)

How to make a homecoming mum supplies?

Things You'll Need
  1. Curling ribbon.
  2. 3 round cardboard backing circles.
  3. Mum flower (fake or fresh)
  4. Small plush trinkets such as a teddy bear.
  5. One large safety pin.
  6. Scissors.
  7. Hot glue gun.
  8. Stapler.

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How much do people charge for homecoming mums?

What is the average cost for a homecoming mum? In 2023 the average cost for a homecoming mum is between $75 and 500+. Depending on what you want your mum to look like and who's making it, or where you're buying your supplies.

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How many ribbons should a homecoming mum have?

You'll need at least two different types of ribbons, a wide ribbon for the background and a contrasting ribbon for the top. I'm actually using three ribbons because for my loops I'm layering a see through silver ribbon on top of the solid white ribbon.

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What materials do I need to make a mum?

Homecoming Mum Supply List
  1. 1 mum flower.
  2. 3 single backers.
  3. 1 pipe cleaner.
  4. 25 yards of ribbon.
  5. Centerpiece.
  6. Staples.
  7. Glue sticks.
  8. Glue Gun.
Jul 4, 2018

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Who gives the girl a mum for homecoming?

On the day of the homecoming game, the boys give their dates a “homecoming mum”(see explanation below) and the girls give their dates a “garter”.

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What day do you wear a homecoming mum?

Mums are considered a token of affection — typically given to a girl by her date in honor of homecoming celebrations. Traditionally, students will wear a mum to school on homecoming Friday, the football game, and other alumni events.

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What kind of ribbon do you use for homecoming mums?

“What kind of ribbon is used for homecoming mums?” Most craft stores that take mum orders use satin acetate ribbon for their homecoming mum ribbon. The professional homecoming mum makers use an assortment of different types of ribbon. Satin double faced, acetate, and sometimes grosgrain to name a few.

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Are homecoming mums just a Texas thing?

Mums, it turns out, are a very specific tradition, popular only in Texas (and parts of Oklahoma) and are huge, ginormous corsages.

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How long should a homecoming mum be on a female?

How big are your homecoming mums & garters? All of my mums & garters feature a full streamer "skirt", making them hang straight & slightly wider than most typical mums. ~Full length LONG mum streamers are cut 34-36" long and the total length of a single flower mum is about 43-44".

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What do homecoming mums stand for?

What is a homecoming mum? The homecoming "mum" began as a sweet Texan token of affection given to a girl by her date in honor of the high school homecoming football game and surrounding events.

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What are common traditions of homecoming mum?

From freshman to senior year, students are expected to outdo themselves each year in the grandiosity of their mums. Homecoming mums today typically include a large flower centerpiece with tons of ribbons, charms, cowbells, jingle bells, stuffed animals, and even LED lights.

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What are traditional homecoming mum colors?

Mums are made with the spirit colors of the high school, and often the addition of silver or gold if it's not an official color. Black is often added as an accent color to silver schools. Senior mums are white and usually the metallic color of the school, silver or gold.

How to make a homecoming mum backer? (2023)

Do you put both names on a homecoming mum?

If it is a guy giving it to a girl, etc - put both of their names on it. Personally I think it is neat to also put their nickname if they have one. RIBBON COLORS. Be sure to order the mum in the school colors EXCEPT SENIORS!

How long is a mum ribbon?

The Industry Standard in Homecoming Mum Ribbon. 1 5/16" x 100 yards Acetate Satin Ribbon.

Who pays for homecoming?

While it is polite for the boy to offer to pay the bill, the check can be split. If you go to someone's house for dinner, be sure to send a thank you note to the parents for hosting. You may even want to consider taking the mother a small gift like flowers.

Do parents wear mums to homecoming?

Mums—and garters, their male counterparts—are homecoming staples all over the state and a rite of passage for high schoolers. But the tradition's origin is largely obscure—and surprisingly, not Texan.

What does homecoming stand for?

What is homecoming? The Cambridge Dictionary defines homecoming as “a celebration at school or college, usually including a dance and a football game, when people who were students there at an earlier time can return to visit” ( This is particularly true of American university culture.

What is a goddess box braid?

Geneva Fowler, lead braid stylist at BEAUTYBEEZ explains that goddess braids are simply box braids with curly strands added to the end or throughout the braids. Just imagine long flowing beach wave extensions mixed with regular box braids, and you've got the picture.

Do you bring flowers to homecoming?

Giving flowers to your homecoming date is a traditional and thoughtful gift. Roses and orchids are popular choices, but unique dance flowers can also be crafted with a skillful florist.

Can a girl wear jeans to homecoming?

Here are some quick tips on what NOT to wear to homecoming. Do not wear jeans. This is one of the only two dances during the school year, so do not show up in jeans. It's not a regular school day or a hang out with your friends.

What are mums used for homecoming?

The purpose of giving and wearing homecoming mums can be summed up in one word. TRADITION. Mums are a token of affection between a boy and a girl, or between a parent and a child. Let's admit it, it is just plain FUN and it gives you the opportunity to showcase your personality and school spirit!

What is a normal homecoming mum?

The homecoming "mum" began as a sweet Texan token of affection given to a girl by her date in honor of the high school homecoming football game and surrounding events. Often in-season during the early fall months in Texas, chrysanthemums became the unofficial flower of high school homecoming events.

How much do mums sell for?

Mums can cost anywhere from about $5 to $27 depending on the size and if it has multiple colors.

How many ribbons go on a homecoming garter?

Step 5: Assembling the Main Ribbon Base

Green, white, green, white...... Staple onto a second 6" diameter card, nearly up to the center hole. You should have 10 ribbons total.

Do you wear your homecoming mum to school?

Mums are considered a token of affection — typically given to a girl by her date in honor of homecoming celebrations. Traditionally, students will wear a mum to school on homecoming Friday, the football game, and other alumni events.

What do parents wear to homecoming court?

For the Homecoming Game:

*Parents should dress in formal attire to present their student.

How much can a homecoming mum weigh?

Some sell for as much as $1,300 and weigh up to 75 pounds! SPRING, Texas — It's football season and here in Texas that means it's mum season too. The treasured Texas tradition dates back to the 1930s. Through the years, the mums just keep getting bigger, flashier and more expensive.

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