Mum ideas for homecoming? (2023)

What do you do with mums for homecoming?

Made of mostly ribbon, the homecoming mum is given to a girl at Homecoming to wear to school then to the Homecoming game and dance, if any. Males wear a mum as well referred to as a “garter”, the mum is attached to a garter worn on the arm.

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How much does the average homecoming mum cost?

What is the average cost for a homecoming mum? In 2023 the average cost for a homecoming mum is between $75 and 500+. Depending on what you want your mum to look like and who's making it, or where you're buying your supplies.

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What are common traditions of homecoming mum?

From freshman to senior year, students are expected to outdo themselves each year in the grandiosity of their mums. Homecoming mums today typically include a large flower centerpiece with tons of ribbons, charms, cowbells, jingle bells, stuffed animals, and even LED lights.

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Who pays for homecoming mum?

Like a typical corsage/boutonnière exchange, a girl will typically buy her date's garter and a boy will buy his date's mum, although oftentimes parents will buy them for their sons and daughters. For the people of Texas, homecoming mums and garters are definitely folk objects.

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Who gives the girl a mum for homecoming?

On the day of the homecoming game, the boys give their dates a “homecoming mum”(see explanation below) and the girls give their dates a “garter”. These are typically in school colors and can be as extravagant and as huge as you can imagine!!

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How many ribbons go on a homecoming mum?

You'll need at least two different types of ribbons, a wide ribbon for the background and a contrasting ribbon for the top. I'm actually using three ribbons because for my loops I'm layering a see through silver ribbon on top of the solid white ribbon.

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Do parents wear mums to homecoming?

Boys started giving a mum to his date as a corsage for homecoming. It first started out as a simple, small flower and a few ribbons. The decor became more elaborate in Texas in the 1970s. Mums have become enormous with decorations galore.

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How long should homecoming mums be?

~Full length LONG mum streamers are cut 34-36" long and the total length of a single flower mum is about 43-44". Standard flower size is 6.5".

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Who pays for homecoming flowers?

The corsage is an important part of what you'll wear to homecoming. It is a small flower arrangement that is either pinned on a girl's dress, attached to her wrist or a small bouquet that is held in her hand. Normally the girl's date, if she has one, purchases the corsage and presents it to her when he picks her up.

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What color is a homecoming mum?

Mums are made with the spirit colors of the high school, and often the addition of silver or gold if it's not an official color. Black is often added as an accent color to silver schools. Senior mums are white and usually the metallic color of the school, silver or gold.

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Does hobby lobby sell homecoming mums?

Express yourself and show school spirit by creating your own homecoming mum with this 6" Round Homecoming Mum Backer Card with Lace!

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What are some unique homecoming traditions?

Top 10: Most Outrageous Homecoming Traditions
  • Student Participation.
  • Costume Parties.
  • Bonfires.
  • Soap Box Derby.
  • Car Smash.
  • Live Animal Mascots.
  • Funny “Fight” Songs.
  • Crossdressing.
Aug 7, 2015

Mum ideas for homecoming? (2023)

What is a mum flower?

Chrysanthemums (mums) are one of the most popular fall garden flowers. Most mum plants are easy to grow with their basic needs being full sun, rich soil, good drainage, and good air circulation.

What do parents wear to homecoming court?

For the Homecoming Game:

*Parents should dress in formal attire to present their student.

Does Michael's make Homecoming Mums?

Honeycomb Ribbon Black - 3 1/4" x 50 Yards - Homecoming Mum Supplies | Michaels.

Are homecoming mums just a Texas thing?

Tricia Wise, owner of Mums The Word NB, has been creating mums each homecoming season for seven years. She said those early mums began as a token of affection in Missouri before becoming popularized in Texas in the 1930s.

Do you get your daughter flowers for homecoming?

Giving flowers to your homecoming date is a traditional and thoughtful gift. Roses and orchids are popular choices, but unique dance flowers can also be crafted with a skillful florist.

What are some fun facts about homecoming mums?

It was first written about by scribes over 3,500 years ago. In fact their artwork shows mums as they would appear today. Folklore teaches that the boiled roots were taken as a headache medicine and ancient culinarians used sprouts and petals in salads. The leaves were even occasionally brewed for recreational purposes.

How much can a homecoming mum weigh?

The traditional mums have turned out to be a cash crop for a Spring mum-trepreneur. Some sell for as much as $1,300 and weigh up to 75 pounds!

When should mums be divided?

Early spring is the best time to divide chrysanthemums. Dig up plants in early spring just as new growth begins to appear. Divide each plant into sections with a sharp knife. Each division should contain several shoots and a portion of the root system.

When should I start putting out mums?

The bottom line to the question "when is the best time to plant mums" is that there's no "best" time, but you'll get optimal plant performance in cooler weather. Mid- to late-September is ideal if you want to love your mums for as long as possible.

Do you put both names on a homecoming mum?

If it is a guy giving it to a girl, etc - put both of their names on it. Personally I think it is neat to also put their nickname if they have one. RIBBON COLORS. Be sure to order the mum in the school colors EXCEPT SENIORS!

What is homecoming etiquette?

Most homecoming dances are semi-formal, although each school will specify its own dress code. For a semi-formal event, girls should wear cocktail dresses (usually cut at the knee) and boys should wear a suit with a tie. Tuxedos and long dresses should be avoided, unless the school specifically says the dance is formal.

Are wrist corsages still in style?

Corsages. Wrist corsages are the most popular style for prom. There are so many amazing corsage bracelets on the market that will make your customers feel special and provide them with keepsakes from the momentous event. You can also make one-of-a-kind corsage bases out of decorative wire.

What to do before homecoming dance?

11 Homecoming Prep Tips to Help You Have an Unforgettable Night
  1. Know your school rules before you get to the dance. ...
  2. Know your budget, too. ...
  3. Find a dress that shows off your best assets and feels comfy. ...
  4. Once you've decided on your dress, hair, makeup, and shoes, take it all for a test drive. ...
  5. Take care of your skin.

Why do girls get mums for homecoming?

The purpose of giving and wearing homecoming mums can be summed up in one word. TRADITION. Mums are a token of affection between a boy and a girl, or between a parent and a child. Let's admit it, it is just plain FUN and it gives you the opportunity to showcase your personality and school spirit!

How to decorate a homecoming mum?

Pick out personalized embellishments to decorate your mum.

A few ideas would be to use bells, stick-on letters, football-related accessories, charms, tassels, feathers, and glitter. Be creative! Almost any little trinket or decoration you can find will add some flair to your mum.

Do you wear mums to the Hoco game?

Mums are considered a token of affection — typically given to a girl by her date in honor of homecoming celebrations. Traditionally, students will wear a mum to school on homecoming Friday, the football game, and other alumni events.

What is the point of a mum for Hoco?

The homecoming "mum" began as a sweet Texan token of affection given to a girl by her date in honor of the high school homecoming football game and surrounding events. Often in-season during the early fall months in Texas, chrysanthemums became the unofficial flower of high school homecoming events.

Why are mums associated with homecoming?

Those early mums were made using real chrysanthemums, according to reporting from Texas Highways. Tricia Wise, owner of Mums The Word NB, has been creating mums each homecoming season for seven years. She said those early mums began as a token of affection in Missouri before becoming popularized in Texas in the 1930s.

Do you wear mums to the homecoming dance?

Kids usually will gather in groups for pictures and then go to dinner before the dance on Saturday. They may bring their mums for a pic, but most do not. You do not wear your mum on Saturday to the dance. Some boys get their dates a corsage, but this is also a dying tradition.

Do you give flowers for Hoco?

Along with the football game and parades, the formal dance is a cherished custom at high schools and universities alike. Corsages are appropriate accents for your homecoming attire. Giving flowers to your homecoming date is a traditional and thoughtful gift.

Who pays for homecoming?

While it is polite for the boy to offer to pay the bill, the check can be split. If you go to someone's house for dinner, be sure to send a thank you note to the parents for hosting. You may even want to consider taking the mother a small gift like flowers.

How long should a freshman mum be?

Mum Making Supplies

The standard rule for mums is that they should be 3 feet in length. Depending on the height of the girl, and how elaborate of a mum you are making, you can adjust some, but that gives you a starting point.

What is the etiquette for homecoming?

The boy should present the corsage to his date when he picks her up for the dance. Corsages are to be worn on the left shoulder or wrist. Wrist corsages are most commonly worn for homecoming dances. They can be attached to beaded bracelets that can also be worn long after the flowers are gone.

What is an interesting fact about homecoming mums?

Some claim the tradition of wearing mums—at the time, made from real chrysanthemums—began before the 1930s. The flower's temporal qualities led homecoming-goers to transition to artificial flowers, which were glamorized in the '90s.

Are you supposed to get a corsage for homecoming?

Traditionally, the male brings his date a corsage when he picks her up for prom or a homecoming dance, and the female brings the boutonniere. Of course, females can buy their own corsages, too. Or friends can purchase corsages or boutonnieres for each other if they're going in a group.

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